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Void Prophet Void Prophet 09/03/2016 21:00:49

https://www.facebook.com/events/231866720480049/ Nuova data gentaglia!!!!!! chi non ci ha ancora sentito ed è curioso di vedere di cosa siamo capaci, può farlo, porteremo DELIRIO E DISTRUZIONE TOTALE a Vicenza (VI) al pub Viceversa, per la nostra ultima serata al Vicenza Rock!!! ormai giunto alla sua 7ma edizione, fa suonare moltissimi gruppi metal e rock!!! VI ASPETTIAMO SABATO 19 MARZO 2016, INGRESSO GRATUITO!!!!

Void Prophet Void Prophet 17/02/2016 23:01:41

Ok people, for all infos about the band you can scroll down in this page, you will find 3 links to some live videos, the bio of the band and some photos of the members (taken during one of the last gig), you can follow us also on Facebook where you'll rinf all informations you need and all updates from the guys and all news about new dates! link: https://www.facebook.com/voidprophetmetal/ Like, Support and share the page to help us growing, and obviously listen to us and come to our concerts!!!

Void Prophet Void Prophet 17/02/2016 22:56:37

This is our song "280686", this song talks about the Chernobyl disaster and the feels of a person leaving the city, the name refers to the date of the evacuation (26/04/1986). Played during a Winter/Christmas rehearsal session. This is the most "prog-influenced" song and one of the last written, enjoy!!!

Void Prophet Void Prophet 17/02/2016 22:51:50

This is the full version of our song "Revival" (original is splitted into Revival-First Breath and Revival-Turn and See), this song talks about an interior reborn of a person, the first part is an instrumental Intro, the second part the real song. played live at the Vicenza Rock fest!!! comment and tell us what you think1

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