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Biografia - AllMusicSounds

Born in the 60s in a family where music is at home: Friends and relatives often found themselves watching TV that at that time not everyone had it and on the occasion they dined or talked about various topics. is…. thanks to a 10-year-old older brother who is passionate about music, he begins to learn the subject and to tweak a Lesa in a briefcase with a revolving pin on my first turntable. While his brother teaches, he learns how to record the songs on the radio on his reel Jealous when the call to RADIO arrives in 1976. A local private radio enticed by his brother’s vinyl leads us to know a New World. The turning point comes, at the age of 16 he begins to “play” with vinyls thanks also to the constant attendance of local radio stations by virtue of “music supporter” and to create the first mixed cassettes recorded for friends. Such was the success that the idea of an “illegal” business with his brother RAYRO MUSIC was born in the production of tapes (cassettes) Rayro Music even manages to sponsor small events and an amateur football team. The name spreads and through the radios and “customers” it starts to make evenings in discos initially as a replacement and then take its place on the hot days of Friday and Saturday. While on the radio he prepared the reels or at the mixer doing the technician for the conductors gaining the evenings to be done in discos or at the parties of the countries that rewarded me lavishly. The telephone at home was a continuous ringing, even the evenly paid evenings increased but also the displeasure of the parents for not having a “normal” job. Hence the choice in the ’90s for quiet living opts to put your head off losing the evenings, the radio and shopping in “packages” but the music remains in my blood. The years pass, when at the birth of social networks the various friends of the time meet again and the desire and passion explodes …. The rest is on social!
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